Battlefield 3 – Co-Op Impressions

Much has been said and written about Battlefield 3′s single and competitive multiplayer gameodes but what about the co-op? Yes, it’s true Battlefield 3 has cooperative missions based off similar settings from the single player campaign. After spending some time playing some of the co-op based missions in Battlefield 3 i can for certain its challenging and fun. Also if you or the other person can’t operate a attack chopper for the second mission, forged a bout it!

Story - There is a generic made-up story that accompanies Battlefield 3′s cooperative mode. It goes something like this. The PLR is planning an attack on a major European city. I (you or whoever is playing) has to identify key figures in the terrorist plot before any damage takes place. I told you its generic.

Menus – Play with a friend, Public Game and Leaderboards. I personally played with strangers via Public Game. However if you have a friend to play with that would be much better in my opinion. The co-op in Battlefield 3 is quite challenging and does require real communication and teamwork to beat each mission. The co-op for Battlefield 3 also has its own stat tracking and progression menu that is in the Multiplayer menu section.

Missions – You start out with two missions unlocked, Operation Exodus and Fire in the Sky. All of the missions are interconnected creating a tree. You must complete each mission in order to unlock a new mission. There are a total of 6 playable missions and each require two people to play.

Operation Exodus – If you remember early into the story campaign where you had to use the LMG on the bridge via Operation Swordfish that is Operation Exodus’s setting. Each mission has its own sub-story sort to speak. Operation Exodus centers around valuable POW’s being detained at a US Marine camp. Evacuation orders came down from the higher ups due to an impending attack on the base camp. Myself along with a few Marines must hold off the attack long enough for all personal to evacuate.  Most of the gameplay takes place near the bridge where there is a weapons cache with Javelins, LMGs and other assault rifles.

There are also land mines and claymores you can use against the waves. You first defend the front of the bridge from waves of soldiers and a tank. The Javelins are used for heavy armored vehicles (obviously). The latter repeats again except left and right of the bridge. The last stage is when your facing tall buildings with snipers tucked away in spider holes. There are also PLR with rocket launchers. You have to tag as many of them as you can which also helps give you bonus points in the process. Near the Humvee’s and tanks (on your side) there is a small building with a weapons cache and on the roof a sniper rifle with another weapons cache. You take out a few tanks and bunch of troops and PLR with sniper rifles and rocket launchers.

Let me make this clear, Operation Exodus is a challenging mission on normal. The crazy part is that its also the first co-op mission. You must work as a team tagging, placing mines and claymores down. If  your co-op partner falls make sure you revive them immediately or you have to start all the way over. There are checkpoints and a marker system that tells you where to go so your not confused. Although the co-op in Battlefield 3 is challenging its also rewarding. At the end of each completed mission you and your co-op partner are shown all your points, rewards, medals, ribbons and stats.

Fire From the Sky – The story for this mission has to with protecting an American convoy escorting General Privy. The convoy was ambushed and requires immediate air support for a strike team on the PLR forces closing in. Its a rescue mission. I was fortunate enough to get a person who could fly a attack chopper since i didn’t know how. If you or your friend can’t pilot an attack chopper don’t waste your time with Fire from the Sky. The mission is set up so that one person uses the guns and thermo imaging and the other pilots the chopper. Fire from the Sky is true co-op in every sense of the word. The setting for this mission is during the daytime in a valley with farms,  foliage and small buildings.

It looks like a little village that you must get the convoy through. From my position you can see small soldiers with mortar camps and vehicles closing in on the American convoy. Switching to infrared with zoom let me clearly see where each soldier was and use the attack chopper’s machine guns on them. The pilot can also use the swarm missiles on targets. Fire from the Sky is a helicopter mission. You have to stay in the air and circle around to take out marked targets. But like i said earliar you must have a person who is able to fly the attack chopper or else this mission is impossible. After that mission is completed the next mission will unlock and so on and so forth.

Closing Comments

I only walked you through the default missions but keep in mind their are 6 total. Each mission lasts between 15 to 30 minutes depending on your communication. You might want to start out on easy difficulty if your new since normal is difficult for some missions. Reviving your co-op buddy is a must. The most important thing for me was that the co-op was fun, challenging and performed decently. There were some stuttering and performance issues during some games but overall acceptable.

Battlefield 3 is about competitive multiplayer first, single player campaign second and the Co-Op last. Although the co-op in Battlefield 3 seems alittle tacked on it was fun, challenging and engaging. Thanks for reading.

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