Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer Impressions

One thing is for certain after putting some time into Battlefield 3′s multiplayer is that it is a battlefield. The atmosphere is big in Battlefield 3. From the plethora of vehicles, huge maps and fine details like cover breaking apart while in prone. Jets and helicopters flying over you. Mortars raining down on your team. Sometimes you truly feel apart of a  big battlefield. Let me get some formalities out of the way before i get into the impressions portion of this article. Battlefield 3 was developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It released October 25, 2011.

My Soldier – My Soldier is a great place to start if you want to know everything about your character’s best performance stats. The Stats page shows your Best Weapon and Best Vehicle. Furthermore it goes into detail of each including how many kills and your kill/death ratio with each. It also lets you know which gun and vehicle your best at. Rank & Stats keeps tracks of all of your unlocked Ribbons and Medals.

My Progression – Shows the progression of all of your kits and vehicles. Its good for knowing what your next unlock will be since you can see how much XP is needed for each class.

Customize – This section lets you choose and customize weapons and gadgets or both for your Class/Kits, Land and Air vehicles. Obviously this section is for when you earned enough XP to unlock some of the more powerful goodies. When you do the latter you can create your perfect soldier or vehicle and reign destruction on the Battlefield your way.

My Dog Tag – Keeps tracks of all the people you melee killed online. If you never played a Battlefield game before, when you knife somebody you take their dog tags forever. They are displayed in this section.

Co-op: Stats & Progression – In co-op you can unlock better guns to play with. This section keeps tracks of your kills, headshots, kill assissts, vehicles destroyed, spot assists, savior kills, revives and total score.  Its strictly for co-op however and not multiplayer.

Matchtypes – As i type this i played only Rush and Conquest. There are more matchtypes including Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch (four squads fight each other), Squad Rush (two four-man squads), Conquest and Rush.

Maps – Grand Bazaar, Kharg Island, Operation Metro, Noshahr Canals, Operation Firestorm, Seine Crossing, Damavan Peak, Tehran Highway and Caspian Border. I played the majority of maps and for the most part they were pretty good. Some better than others obviously. Some maps are only made for certain gamemodes as well. Every map has its own unique vibe and atmosphere.

Multiplayer – Quick Match, Server Browser and Leaderboards.

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Tehran Highway – My first multiplayer match of Battlefield 3. I joined midway through the match. The setting is that of huge highways (some destroyed), gas stations in a urban environment. I spawned by a group of vehicles they looked like armored trucks with turrents on top. I took one and ran it into a gas station near a capture spot. Shot an enemy then tried to meet up with my team. BTW i always join squads when i play, always. I was an Engineer most of the time since Rush and Conquest has armored vehicles on the maps. My side ended up losing this one when it was all said and done but i had fun and it was a nice first taste to say the least.

Noshahr Canals – I spawned at a dock with a bunch of boats and a huge Duck vehicle. I call it a Duck it has wheels and floats on water with huge guns. Its a land and water vehicle. It was hard to steer the thing when i drove it. You have to make your way across water to the area with the capture spots. This map has a bunch of crates, cranes and a few huge buildings with plenty of areas to dock your sea vehicles. It also has a helicopter (for attacking team). I did better as far as getting kills. I used the Engineer mostly for this one but switched to Medic a few times. my team lost this one badly. Noshahr Canals is an ok map and sorta reminds me of a map from Battlefield: Bad Company.

Damavand Peak – This map has a huge tunnel running through a mountain. There are vehicles for both teams to use. There were those super huge Earth Movers dump trucks near my spawn point i wanted to use one but couldn’t lol. I did my best as far as kills go on this map. I used the Medic more as well. Damavand Peak is a interesting map since it has a huge bottleneck area being the tunnel inside the mountain. Its the only way you can get to some capture areas.

Grand Bazaar – Atmospheric map. The rain drizzling down while prone behind cover being shot at while my cover was breaking apart was nice. This map has a bunch of buildings and alleys. Plenty of buildings are fully accessible. Grand Bazaar is a tactical map. Teams can set up many defense positions throughout this map. I found myself along with my squad pinned down so many times it wasn’t funny. Not many vehicles for this map even though its a Conquest and Rush map. I really did like this map for its atmosphere.


Caspian Border – My first Rush experience didn’t last long on Caspian Border as the match ended in two minutes. I joined way too late apparently.

Operation Firestorm – Operation Firestorm was the first map that i witnessed Jets! Where my team spawned was a airstrip with a jet waiting. I was too late getting to it as somebody else took it. It was still neat to see. The oil burning in the desert distance with mountains way off in the distance created a realistic nice artstyle. This map was huge and featured just about every land and air vehicle in the game. Operation Firestorm is one of my favorite maps so far.

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Other Impressions

- Lost most of my matches which means people take this game seriously and play with people they know and use teamwork and communication.

- Battlefield 3 for the most part ran really good. Some stuttering was apparent in some matches. Didn’t notice any game breaking glitches or bugs. The beta was a mess glad to see the final game perform nice.

- Looks great and sounds even better. Its visceral and at times you feel like your in a big battlefield.

- Reminds me of a bigger more detailed (every aspect) Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

- The guns all felt pretty good with minimal lag. I like the shotguns early in Battlefield 3. Hate tactical lights!

- Its fun, its addictive and its huge!

That is it folks. Keep in mind i’m only level 2 at the moment and haven’t scratched the surface from an unlock standpoint. I did platinum Bad Company 2 so i know i will be good at Battlefield 3 as i continue to play it. As far as the multiplayer goes it great! Its not perfect but i think its still great for the amount of fun, quality and addicting gameplay it provides. Thanks for reading.


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