Bulletstorm – Multiplayer Impressions

When most people think of Bulletstorm they think of its wild single player campaign. Bulletstorm does have a multiplayer component albeit shallow but quite fun. This wild sci-fi shooter is developed by People Can Fly in collaboration with Epic Games for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. My copy is the 360 version (here i come Gears of War 3 beta).

So what is Bulletstorm’s multiplayer? Its basically a “wave” type of mode like horde and firefight with a twist. The twist is to score points and combos in cool Bulletstorm fashion to reach the next wave. When you go to the Multiplayer page your greeted with Quick Match, Private Match, Friends List and Barracks. You can only play one type of match so the first two options are explainable. Friends list is self explainable as well. The barracks is where you can customize your character with different armor and leashes.

The leash is a dna coded energy whip you use in Bulletstorm’s campaign to pull off sick combo moves. Futhermore, you can change the color of your armor and custom pick your animations. In the Barracks page is a Leaderboards and Statistics page. We all like stats when playing multiplayer games right? At the bottom of the screen it has your XP level and the percentage it will take to get to the next level. At the moment i am level 5 Skid Mark.

The  menu layout in Bulletstorm’s multiplayer is really simple and easy to navigate. My first match i clicked on Quick Match. My first attempt was a fail. After my party members were selected i got a black screen. I had to restart my xbox 360. Ok, lets do this again. This time it worked. It took maybe thirty seconds for me to join a party.

So i dropped down into a match with guys playing on a arena looking level with plants all over the place. The map wasn’t super huge at all. Drop Pods were then scattered around the level. Drop pods are pods you leash to upgrade your character with perks and different guns etc. You upgrade from points you gain while killing mutants during multiplayer as well single player. I had gained a big amount of exp from almost beating the single player campaign at this point. So i upgraded my character’s speed and defense. I bought some ammo for my Peacmaker carbine as well.

Rounds of waves is how the multiplayer is set up. Your in a group of four other players taking on a specific group of mutants. Your goal is to do combos with teammates using your leash, kick, sliding kick and guns. I noticed their are special teammates combos you can perform in multiplayer that you could not do in the single player. There are exploding barrels scattered about to kick into enemies and shoot to explode. The more points you score the bigger chance you have on reaching the next wave.

You see, each wave has to be met with a specific point total or else you can’t advance. You can keep trying on said level until you reach the point total. Its not that easy, you must have teamwork and get high kill chain combos. The team i was in kept dieing on Wave 4. The AI isn’t smart. Its easy to kill all the enemies and you can’t actually die in multiplayer. I know it seems weird. The entire multiplayer is about points and getting a lot of them. It sounds easy but its actually challenging if your teammates play it Call of Duty style.

Those are my impressions on Anarchy Mode. Its not deep. But is is unique and challenging. Its fun but i can see it getting repetitive because it is just one mode. I hope People Can Fly or Epic adds a deathmatch later. That would be fun. Expect my review of Bulletstorm soon. Later gamerz, i am out!

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