FEAR 3 – Multiplayer Review

I finally got around to playing some horrific co-op multiplayer via FEAR 3 and i must say its good. You thought that horrific meant it was bad didn’t you? Shame on you gamer. The multiplayer in FEAR 3 is centered around various co-op themed gamemodes. Some are obviously taken from other fun multiplayer co-op experiences which is fine since its executed in good fashion.

Contractions – This gamemode features true teamwork. Work with up to a team of four players to search the map for supplies which add weapons to the stockpile and fortify the map’s strong point. Enemies include grunts, soldiers, mutants and Alma. Alma can kill you instantly so best to always avoid her whenever possible. I was able to play two matches online with 4 players in Contractions (including myself). The maps i played on were called The Commute and This is Suicide!. Both maps were actually really different in design / layout and both gave me a different perspective of the Contractions gamemode.

The gameode is overall really fun. If you ever played some of those COD zombie matches its sorta like those. There is alote of searching for supplies between each wave and fortifying your stronghold between each wave. Depending on the difficulty the enemies do get very strong as the waves get stronger. Its a really fun gamemode with a creepy vibe that suits Halloween perfect. In each co-op gamemode teammates can revive you and vice versa. On the This is Suicidal! map i revived teamates 8 times. I played with a good group of people we did get pretty far until the grenade kamikazz enemies started blowing themselves up along with my team.

F***king Run – This matchtype is all about not dieing by being too slow. If you’re slow the Wall of Death devours you. So basically you must push forward on the map briskly taking out any enemies in front of you. I hosted a match for F***king Run which didn’t last that long (teammate got swallowed up). Campers will hate this gamemode with a passion and probably never play it. I think its the most scary anxiety producing gameode in FEAR 3′s multiplayer. There is a timer that keeps you aware of when the Wall of Death comes so its not a sporadic situation.

Soul King – Soul King puts gamers in the role of a psychic who can take over soldier’s bodies. The name Soul King comes from whoever collects the most skulls in each match.  Devouring soldiers or killing them wins skulls and the match. For Soul King i had to play a private match with myself since nobody wants to play this mode online (PSN). I really had fun collecting different color skulls which gives different points. The map i played on was Fresh Fish, one of the few maps that takes place in daylight in FEAR 3.

Soul Survivor – This match is all about what the name says pretty much. You run around killing enemies till you see a sparkling gate to exit which you must open to end the match. The match i played was a private match once again. There is a timer that you must live through and not die to get a chance to reach the gate and end the match. The match i played on was called You’re Done Here and looked like the shanty town level from Resident Evil 5. The map itself wasn’t special from a design standpoint. This gamemode just had me running around killing evil enemies and looking for ammo crates. Rinse and repeat till the clock winds down and escape.

Other Stuff – There are plenty of different guns within various matchtypes. Some matchtypes where you have to bring supplies the guns vary in drops. I personally played with the default pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, assault rifle and SMG.  Depending on how good your team is you can get far in Contractions. F***king Run requires the most continuity when it comes to co-op.

FEAR 3 is heavily co-op influenced and in my opinion really good. I had alote of fun playing the matchtypes (some more than others). The multiplayer in FEAR 3 is really niche. Gamers who love shooting each other won’t like it. Gamers who love co-op will most likely enjoy it. I’m off, thanks for reading.


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