Gears of War 3 – Multiplayer So Far

If there is one thing i learned about Gears of War 3′s multiplayer after one day is that its deep, fun and it works out of the box. In this article i’m going to give you some bits and pieces on Gears of War 3′s multiplayer modes. If your new to Gears of War in general its a TPS or (Third Person Shooter) that has cover elements involved.

Stats & Awards – Stats & Awards section in Gears of War 3 is your information hub. What is nice about Gears of War 3 is that you can earn unlocks right away by earning achievements in Gears of War 1 and 2. For instance i unlocked the Gold skin for the Sawed-Off shotgun for getting the Commando achievement in Gears of War 1. I unlocked a few other perks as well not just skins. I thought it was nice of Epic to reward gamers who played Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2. Nice welcoming gift if nothing else.

Getting back to Stats & Awards it keeps tracks of every unlock you can achieve in Gears of War 3. There are plenty. Weapon Skins 28, Characters 32, Mutators 13, Executions 17, Avatar Awards 3. Medals and Ribbons are also available but i don’t have a exact number. There are many that is all i know. You can also pick a Title for your character as you play online which are you guessed it unlockedable. I unlocked two so far Beta Tester and It Has Begun. You unlock Titles by completing achievements or tasks while playing Gears of War 3.

Versus - Versus is competitive multiplayer specific matchtypes in Gears of War 3. First off, let me just say THANK YOU Epic Games for making it work great first day. I played Gears of War 2′s multiplayer launch day and if you did as well you should be thanking Epic for making game correct. Or should i even be thanking them at all? I spent my money and i should have a decent product to begin with. Back on topic.  Versus match types include Warzone, Execution, Capture the Leader and  King of the Hill.

Warzone/ Team Deatmatch – Much of my time with Gears of War 3′s Versus mode was spent playing Team Deathmatch. You guys know how Xbox Live parties work with friends. Everybody agrees on something and you play together. My friends on XBL wanted to level up together so we played Team Deathmatch, alote! We played on many different maps that at times require different strategies.

Quick Tip: If your team plays a Team Deathmatch on Sandbar Map, make sure you take over the fort tower in the center of map high up on the cliff. It all but assures a victory. The Fort on Sandbar is a raised fortified structure that has a Digger, Frag Grenade and Boomshot spawn point inside. The enemy has to run up to you if they want to win which makes them easy pickings for a sniper in the Fort. Everytime my team controlled the Fort we won every single time pretty lopsided.

I have not played played Execution, Capture the Leader or King of the Hill yet. I will probably write another multiplayer article detailing those matchtypes. Although i haven’t played the latter i have played the new Horde Mode.

Horde 2.0 – This mode should be called “Strategy Horde”. Horde 2.0 is new and its better than the old Horde mode for a few reasons. More thinking is involved now. Money is now accumulated and earned for each player depending on kills etc. Money is used to buy Fortifications and fortify your position on the map. Fortifications include simple spike strips but moves up in effectiveness like Razer Wire, Laser Fences and Turrets.

The strategy elements relating to Horde 2.0 come in the form of choice. There are outlines of where you can buy and lay down fortifications to stop the horde. There are colors involved as well. Template colors are shown in the beginning and in between horde waves. Green fortifications means you have enough money to buy that particular fortification. You just press Y-button at the template and you have a new fortification. Yellow templates means those fortifications were damaged and that you have enough money to fix them.

Red templates mean you do not have enough money to buy that particular fortification. So you see Horde 2.0 isn’t a mindless horde fest like in Gears of War 2. There is definite strategy involved and team work is paramount. The first Horde 2.0 match i played was Standard with Normal difficulty on Hotel map. We lasted to wave 9 only. Most of the gamers on my team played the match like it was the older Horde. They learned by Wave 9 its not. I really enjoy this Horde Mode much more than the last game.

Beast – Beast Mode is the newest edition to Gears of War’s multiplayer. People been calling this “reverse horde” since you play as the monsters. Its not. Beast Mode can be played in either Standard or Private match types with up to five players. The rules of Beast Mode are simple. You must kill all of the humans before the time runs out. Killing humans and destroying fortifications nets you time bonuses. As you kill humans and fortifications you earn cash and the opportunity to buy more powerful monsters. As you progress COG Heros from the Gears of War campaigns show up and they can kill you quick if your not careful. The rest of the humans are Stranded people and easy to kill.

Monsters – Due to my domination of my first match i unlocked all of the monsters in Beast Mode. Here they are: Ticker, Wild Ticker, Butcher, Savage Drone, Wretch, Mauler, Kantus, Bloodmount, Savage Corpsor, Giant Serapede, Savage Grenadier and Bommer. If i missed one i stand corrected. The stars of Beast Mode are the monsters. They are just awesome fun killing humans with. I played with almost all of them.  I love the Savage Corpsor, Giant Serapede and Mauler. Those guys wreak havok and are huge.

The Giant Serapede has a powerful electricity attack and the Corpsor raises up its legs and slams down killing whatever is in front of it. The Mauler has a shield and a wreaking ball. Beast mode isn’t super deep. It lasts just 12 waves if i am not mistaken. It does become challenging so don’t mistake the number as it being easy. Beast Mode is loads of fun to play even if its not a super deep mode.

So far i can take away a few things from Gears of War 3′s multiplayer. It performs the best, looks the best and has the most content of any launch Gears of War multiplayer. Sounds good? It is trust me. Thanks for reading.

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