RAGE – Multiplayer Impressions

We all know that Rage has a fairly lengthily single player story driven campaign. But did you know it also has multiplayer? Not only does it have multiplayer but it has two separate types of multiplayer gamemodes with two completely different styles of gameplay. Road Rage and Wasteland Legends are the multiplayer gamemodes of Rage. Below i’ll give you my personal thoughts and impressions of each so keep reading. For reference this article is detailing the Playstation 3 version.

Road Rage

Road Rage in a nutshell is an intense vehicle combat multiplayer gamemode. The main menu section under Road Rage – Quick Match, Find Match, Private Match, Garage, Invite Friends and Leaderboards. The Garage is where all of your vehicle info is stored. Not only that, its the HUB for your vehicle upgrades as well. You can create custom loadouts for your vehicle here. As you level up you can modify your vehicle with a plethora of special gadgets. Vehicle unlocks include multiple upgrades for each – Body Types, Machine Guns, Missiles, Sheild and Mines. For instance, when i reached level 2 i unlocked the Heavy Machine guns for my Buggie. There are some pretty wild weapons you can unlock for your vehicle as you rank higher by playing the multiplayer.

Gamemodes – I played Meteor which is a gamemode for Road Rage centered around collecting Meteors that pop up on the map. After you collect a meteor (or more) you drive your vehicle to a blue glowing area where you score points. I believe you score 3 points per meteor and 1 point per vehicle kill. keep in mind three other vehicles are also trying to collect the meteors and will kill you for yours. There are all kinds of items to collect to boost your vehicle’s performance. I picked up misslile upgrades along with other power-ups i had no idea what they were for.

The 4 player matches takes place on a variety of tracks. Reactor map was an arena style map that had a big reactor in the center with fan-blades spinning. It was easy to die on this track trust me. Southern Highway was a fun map and featured the famous Wasteland atmosphere with broken highways and ramps that you can get huge air with. The maps as a whole aren’t anything special but they do get the job done for the arena style of vehicle combat involved in Road Rage.

I almost forgot to mention that there are different types of vehicles you can unlock. Each vehicle is more powerful than the previous and has its own unique look. You start out with the Scout which is a crappy little buggie. As you rank up you will move onto the Enforcer then Outlaw then Executioner and last but not least the Boss. I don’t know the level progression for the vehicle unlocks. However i can bet the Boss is unlocked at the highest level. And its also important you can mod the looks of vehicles a well with unlocks you earn through playing Rage’s multiplayer.

Impressions – Road Rage is kinda fun in a twisted Metal sort of way. It is what it is which is an arena car combat mode. So if you love vehicle combat you will probaably like it. Personally i think its just ok. Its nothing special or bad in my opinion. The good thing is that it adds to Rage’s replay value and people do play it online with mics.

Wasteland Legends

Wasteland Legends is a two player story co-op gamemode depicting past stories of the Wasteland. The stories are usually about characters you already met in Rage’s single player. The locations are all from Rage’s single player as well. What i enjoyed most about the voiced dialog Wasteland Legends missions was that they didn’t seem super tacked on. Since you play as different people with a different purpose that adds a unique dimension to Rage’s atmosphere. It didn’t matter which mission i played wether it was  Life in Prison, Unwanted Guests, Water Service, Season 1 – Pilot etc. They all lasted between 15 to 30 minutes in length.

The missions themselves have a unique vibe due to setting and purpose. For example i played the Water Service level with a stranger online. The purpose of that level was to defuse bombs in pipes left by Bandits and the Authority. It took one person to open a pipe and another to defuse the bomb. The pipes and bombs were apart but waypoints on the map made locating them easy. Bandits do attack you before you try to defuse the bombs. Oh yea, did i tell you there is actually a time limit associated with each bomb? Some other things of note. You can revive your partner or he/she can resuscitate him or herself. There is plenty of ammo, guns and a sniper rifle you can use.

Life in Prison took place in a huge prison. This mission was about Dan Hagar’s men shutting down a gearhead drilling station located deep inside a prison. This mission featured heavy Authority soldiers who had flame throwers and miniguns. If you shoot their backpacks  enough you can send them into the air crashing back down to earth and kaboom! The prison featured many small areas for shootouts. The person i was playing with for this mission used RC cars to explode bandits and other gadgets. You can make and use turrets and stuff for co-op which helps alote.

Eventually we made our way down into the drilling area where i used a sniper rifle to take out enemies from afar while my co-op buddy was doing CQC down below. You get points and multipliers for killing multiple enemies all at the same time. Headsots score more points. At the end of the match mine as well my co-op partners scores were tallied. You also get unlocks for emblams and other goodies as well. Wasteland Legends and Road Rage both levels your character up for multiplayer.

Closing Thoughts

Rage’s multiplayer doesn’t feel as tacked on as it should. It is tacked on but serviceable. The Wasteland Legends missions do have their own identity. The car combat of Road Rage along with the mods and unlocks makes it re-playable. I would say Rage’s multiplayer is average at best. It needs a normal competitive deathmatch/team-deathmatch style of competitive multiplayer. Thanks for reading.

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