Resistance 3 – Review

Published By: SCEA, Developed By: Insomniac Games, Genre: Modern First Person-Shooter, Release Date: September 8, Rating: Mature, Systems Playstation 3, Support: Move, 3D.

Presentation - A few years ago i participated in those online surveys for some spending cash to feed my gaming habit. Unbeknownst to me at the time one particular survey i taken was for Insomniac’s upcoming Resistance 3 game. That was back in 2008. In the survey i wrote a few notes down. To sum up what i wrote i asked Insomniac to make the game more intimate in its single player like Fall of Man. I also asked them to make the multiplayer more like the first. I can say Insomniac Games listens to the majority of they’re fans me included. Resistance 3 is the best Resistance game in the series. I will give you the reasons why below so keep reading.

Like many launch day Playstation 3 owners you probably bought Resistance: Fall of Man. I clocked in hundreds and hundreds of hours playing that game early into the Playstation 3′s life. I also played Resistance 2. I played that game so much i even obtained the Platinum trophy. Yea i earned the “Killing Machine” trophy. So when I say Insomniac saved there best for last i really mean it. When talking directly about Resistance 3′s presentation i have to talk about the weird glitches, load times and the AI of  co-op partners. When comparing Resistance 3 to all of the others in the series it might actually have the most glitches and bugs in the series. Mostly what i seen are weird physics animations and clipping of dead Chimera that would either get stuck in the cement or wall or even worse mysteriously fly hundreds of miles into the air when an explosion blows up near they’re corpse.

There are many scenes in the story campaign where you work with AI partners. Many times the AI partners when leading seemed slow and clueless  like opening doors or leading the way. One thing is for sure, Insomniac Games are doing alote of patches (two so far that i counted) and the game is only four days old. The star of the show is Resistance 3′s depressing yet beautiful atmosphere. I never played a more emotional story driven Resistance game. The visual artstyle only provokes more despair as you help Cappelli make his way to New York City and destroy the wormhole tower.

Story – The story of Resistance as a series is shown during the install process of Resistance 3. A Chimeran virus literally falls from the sky into some guy’s food he eat in Russia. Soon after, the virus spread at an unprecedented rate taking over Europe and later the West. The story is told through comicbook style cutscenes and visually striking CGI cutscenes. The in-game cutscenes also promote the story in Resistance 3 well.

I will try my best to not post any major spoilers to Resistance 3′s story. So if i do i apologize right now. The story continues off directly from when Capelli shot Nathon Hale at the end of Resistance 2. Due to Hales blood the Chimeran virus was no longer a death sentence. Now it was treatable but still the problem exists with the Chimera and they’re wormhole Hale activated back in Mexico. Early into the story Dr. Malikov finds Cappelli hiding out with his son and wife in Oklahoma.

Malikov needs Capelli to escort him to New York and hopefully find a way to destroy the wormhole tower. The story from there on out is one of humanities last hope. Resistance 3′s story shows human’s greatest attributes and greatest faults. The story did a wonderful job of somehow creating an emotional story in such a outrageous world. Capelli meets some friends along the way and a few enemies. Another aspect of the Chimera’s story relating to Resistance 3 is the rift between the two factions Feral and Military. Feral are more natural Chimera and not controlled by the Chimeran hive like the Military Chimera. Feral Chimera are Widow Makers, Grims and Leapers.


The Military Chimera are “normal” looking Chimera with heat sinks on their backs like SteelHeads,  Ravengers, Goliaths and Stalkers. Throughout the single player you will witness epic fights with Widow Makers taking on Dropships and small armies of Military Chimera. I seen a small patrol group of Ravenegers get attacked by a hundred Grim in an underground sewer. The above plays into the story of Resistance 3 as you can actually witness the ongoing rift between these alien invaders on Earth. The story is layered and the ending was really satisfying. The characters were all believable and unique in there own ways. This was the best story telling in the series handsdown.

Visuals – If there is one thing that sets Resistance 3 apart from its predecessors is its weather effects. Swirling winds, dust particles, snow and rain were all done with care. The graphics on a pure texture level aren’t as good as say Killzone 3 but what Resistance 3 lacks in textures is made up in its presentation and atmosphere. There were scenes in this game that were graphically impressing like the first V.T.O.L. scene. You had to fight off a few waves of Chimera in a tavern. The top of the tavern was destroyed mostly. It was raining outside and you could see rain droplets falling through the cracks on the tavern’s ceiling.

One of the most visually stunning game sequences came later on in the campaign. You are on a train being attacked by prisoners in jeeps and off in the distance there is a herd of Widow Makers. Widow Makers are giant alien Black Widow looking spiders. That train sequence really sumed up how great Resistance 3 looked from a graphical standpoint. Lighting and effects were done well. When you first acquire the Atomizer gun and obliterate a few Chimera with it, you can see chimeras disintegrate into light dust particles in the dark. Textures might not be the best of what’s out out right now but the atmosphere is unquestionably the best that i have seen in the Resistance series. The in game cutscenes looked good but had that Anti Aliasing flicker so many Playstation 3 games have. Regardless, Resistance 3 is the best looking Resistance game in the series.


Sound – The sounds of picking up health vials and hearing the groans when shooting Chimeras is vintage Resistance. The voice actors for Joe Capelli and Malikov where particularily good. The sound design was pleasant. The eery sounds of Grims make while your crawling through dark corridors and hear Chimeras groans added despair all around you constantly. You felt that no matter where you go your the hunted. The musical score was decent. The old tunes that played on radios and at the end when the credits rolled really brought back Resistance 2 memories. Some of the music that made Resistance great was also in Resistance 3 or some form of it. The sound design of the weapons were unique and classic Insomniac. Overall good sound design for Resistance 3.

Gameplay – First person shooter with wild weapons and enemies is what Resistance 3 is ideally about. From a gameplay perspective Resistance 3 added a few really neat aspects. You can now upgrade each weapon through usage in the single player campaign. Doesn’t matter which gun whether its the Bullseye, Auger Mark II, Atomizer, Marksman, HE.44 Magnum, Mutator or Wildfire. Every gun you use over time automatically upgrades itself in its effectiveness one way or another. Personally i enjoyed the weapon’s upgrades and it added another layer to Resistance 3′s gameplay.  The grenades unfortunatly can’t be upgrade.

The much missed weapon-wheel is back and was great. I was a big fan of the weapon-wheel in Fall of Man because it added continuity and diversity. The enemies you fight in Resistance 3 can be killed faster with specific weapons and the weapon wheel is a huge help. To be blunt, the gameplay is better because of it and i am glad Insomniac listened to its fans like myself and added it back in for Resistance 3.

New to the Resistance franchise is melee gameplay. Yes you read that correctly. Later in the campaign you will be able to weild ONLY a big metal sledgehammer. Let me tell you the Sledgehammer is deadly you can take a  small room of Chimera out just by swinging that thing around. The melee gameplay in Resistance 3 reminds me of Condemned games a little. Melee gameplay fits surprisingly good with the shooting gameplay.


The boss battles are better than Resistance 2. You fight Widow Makers where you have to shoot certain parts of its body that glows. There was another boss battle with a giant underground Chimera with huge tenticles thats been turning survivors in Pennsylvania into Grims. To defeat that boss you had to use gas tanks and strategy. Another semi boss fight had you fighting a dropship on a broken railroad track on top of a broken bridge.

There are collectibles and unlike past Resistance games i found myself really immersed into the audio recordings and text Journals detailing survivors lives. Malikov has his own set of collectible journals you can collect that are voiced narrated by him. Going back to the gameplay regarding the controls and feel on Ressitance 3. Everything felt pretty good. Shooting, aiming etc. The multiplayer felt pretty much the same as far as controls are concerned.

Replayability – I wrote about Resiatnce 3′s multiplater which can be found here Resistance 3 Multiplayer.  To sum up the bulk of Resistance 3′s multiplayer, its fast, fun with plenty of unlockables and in-game perks. If you played Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Resistance 3 is more like Resistance: Fall of Man but with up to date gameplay elements like killstreaks etc. Unfortunately i was unable to play any online or split screen co-op for the review but its available. Personally i really enjoy the multiplayer and i will keep playing as it offers me the kind of multiplayer experience i enjoy. The collectibles are plenty and there are cheats you will unlock after you beat the game that adds “Skull” effects much like there are in Halo. There is plenty of replayability in Resistance 3 for single player and competitive multiplayer.

Final Verdict – Its not perfect. There are some glitches and bugs. With all of its faults and negatives i can type this without hesitation, Resistance 3 is the best Resistance game available and finalizes the trilogy with an evolution in presentation. Its a great game check it out gamers.








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