Bulletstorm – Review

Grayson Hunt is a space pirate with cool hair and carries a blood lust for revenge! Bulletstorm is a game that puts the “F” as in fun back into first person shooters.

Presentation: Bulletstorm is a over the top first-person shooter where killing with style is rewarded. People Can Fly along with Epic Games are the developers of this raunchy beautiful game. EA are the publishers. Bulletstorm is available on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The overall presentation of Bulletstorm is that of a cheesy action flick with raunchy dialog and big spectacular action set pieces. There are so many different ways you can kill bad guys in Bulletstorm should be illegal!

Story: You play the role of ex Dead Echo squad captain Grayson Hunt. Besides having a hairstyle from the 70′s Grayson’s story along with his half human half robot friend Ishi Sato are on a mission to exact revenge on their former commanding officer Sarano.  Sarano tricked Dead Echo into killing innocent civilians which pissed Grayson off. Bulletstorm’s story takes you through a tropical planet that used to be a tourist attraction. Now the place is filled with mutants, gangs and monsters. Grayson, Ishi along with Sarano are stranded on the planet. Grayson and Ishi must make their way to Sarano if they want to get off the planet.
Image from Bulletstorm™
Along the way you will meet new characters who will fight along side you like Trischka. Bulletstorm’s story is told through cutscenes with dialog that at times will get on your nerves. The story isn’t great. Then again your not suppose to take Bulletstorm seriously. I must say the most interesting character in Bulletstorm is Ishi. Ishi is tormented between his actions helping Grayson (Grayson is the reason he is a cyborg). Plus being a robot and human will probably make you more interesting than just being a human.
Visuals: This is what surprised me the most regarding Bulletstorm. This game has great visuals and a art-style to match. The tropical paradise looked vibrant with  really good texturing. I’m always hard on Unreal Engine games since most devs use the engine as a “easy” way to make games. I must say, Peaple Can Fly made a great looking game. I played Bulletstorm on my 360 and i can say this game looks better than Gears of War 2. I wonder if this game used a updated version of the Unreal Engine. Anyways character models, effects,  gun models were done with care and in great detail.

Sound: Lots of cussing and raunchy one-liners,  comebacks make the backbone of Bulletstorm’s dialog. Some of it’s hilarious. Some of it feels rushed or forced. Overall, i enjoyed the dialog. Keep in mind i didn’t take the dialog or story serious. The music was really good. I really liked the orchestra tune in the startup menu (the one where Grayson and Ishi are standing together). Music was Epic, pun intended. The sound effects of the weapons, leash and bodies blowing up were all awesome. Sometimes the one liners got old while killing but that was to be expected.

Image from Bulletstorm™

Gameplay: Bulletstorm isn’t your typical first-person shooting game. Its all about killing with style. Use your leash (electric whip) guns, kicks and slide kicks to rack up skill points for upgrading weapons and items. Drop pods are where you upgrade your inventory. Drop Pods are plentifully scattered about on eeach level. This game is a shooter and the guns and other weapons have separate kill shots associated with each. Every weapon has an alternate fire that can create a special kill-shot giving you more points. The guns all felt good.

One particular weapon i liked was the Flail Gun. It used two grenades on a bolo that wrapped around the enemy incapacitating him. You press the fire button again and the enemy blows up. The environments play a big role in getting high scoring skill-shots. You have mutated plants, barrels, spiked walls and even a train at your disposal. So many ways to kill and rack up points in Bulletstorm without putting pressure on the player. I discovered over 70 different skill shots without trying. There are 131 skill shots in all. I’m sure some of those 131 are difficult to pull off.

Replayability: Bulletstorm is a single player campaign type of game first and foremost. The single player campaign isn’t that long being 6 or 7 hours depending on your play-style. Bulletstorm Multiplayer mode is called Anarchy which pits you on a map to score points to reach the next wave of enemies. In anarchy mode you can upgrade your weapons, character perks like speed and defense. Its a mode where you must play as a team and get many points or you will struggle. The boss fights albeit were few and far between were memorable and exciting.

Image from Bulletstorm™

Big action set pieces really left you in awe. One boss fight i had to fight a giant poisonous plant. During the battle i would slide around the monster while reloading my gun, shooting it and picking up more ammo while still in mid-slide. Awesome man,  just awesome. Bottom line is use your imagination while playing Bulletstorm and you will have a blast. The entire single player campaign was exciting and the enemies kept you on your toes.

Final Verdict: Bulletstorm isn’t perfect. Sometimes the dialog got repetitive or the kill shots got repetitive. Maybe the campaign wasn’t super long and the multiplayer isn’t the best out. But what Bulletstorm did have is something many first person shooters lack these days. Uniqueness and character not to mention fun gameplay. Bulletstorm is a beautiful action packed  first person shooter and i had a blast playing it!Echos mode is a cool mode where you play a small section of the game just to see how many points you can accumulate. Your performance is rated in stars with 3 stars being the highest. You can check your friends list to see who scored the most kill shots on a particular level. I actually really enjoyed it and it does add to the games replay value.


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